zonealarm and wireless networking

  Antz 21:33 05 Sep 2003

According to the help section in zonealarm I need to upgrade to zonealarm pro. in order to provide effective firewall protection over a network. This probably explains why I can't get my network to run with zonealarm activated. Does anyone have any info on this. I don't want to purchase zonealarm pro. for 2 (or possibly 3 p.c's in the future) to find I still have the same problems. Or, even better still, does anyone know of a free firewall that gives effective protection over a network.......I would really appreciate some feedback on this as I have no firewall at the moment and I feel very uncomfortable about it.....Thanks ...Anthony

  oglemire 21:55 05 Sep 2003

I have run zone alarm on networks using the free version. All I did was add a range of IP address being as being trusted zone. This worked ok ... your gonna have to tweak to get it right though... your best bet is a DSL router with a hardware firewall . at the moment we are selling Vigor 2600 devices. You get a DSL router, Firewall and VPN server for I think £260.00.... well worth it... other member may be able to recomend cheaper alternatives as you wont need the VPN server.

  Paranoid Android 22:00 05 Sep 2003

OS ?

  Antz 22:03 05 Sep 2003

Windows xp on both p.c' desktop(pro)one laptop)(home),

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