ZoneAlarm and wireless network.

  MIke 21:01 17 May 2006

Today I received my 8Mb upgrade to BT Yahoo BB and a Voyager 2091 Wireless modem/router. Installation went with no problerm, including the setting up of a network between my laptop and desktop. However I was unable to access any shared files, or my shared printer, until I turned Zonealarm off. Checking through ZA's support site they say that the router's ip address needs to be added to the trusted zone, by default it goes into the internet zone.

My question is it safe to leave it in the trusted zone permanently?

Should I just alter the setting as when I need to share files between my laptop and PC or when I need to print something from the shared printer?



  mgmcc 21:20 17 May 2006

It's not just the router's IP address that needs to go in the "Trusted Zone", it's the IP addresses of all computers in the network or, better still, enter the Subnet (IP address range) that your network operates in.

For example, if your router's IP address is and it allocates addresses in the range, open Zone Alarm, select the Firewall tab on the left and the Zones tab at the top. Click "Add" and select "Subnet". Enter:

IP address -

Subnet Mask -

Description - {anything} but it needs an entry.

Click OK and then, back in the main window, ckick Apply. Close Zone Alarm.

(Just make sure the first three "octets" of the IP address you enter in Z.A. match those of the router and PCs in the network.)

<<< is it safe to leave it in the trusted zone permanently? >>>

Yes, because you are only allowing devices within your own home network to have free access to one another via the Trusted Zone. You are not opening anything up to the internet by doing this.

  MIke 21:35 17 May 2006


Thanks for the info. On checking ZA again I see that ZA has placed my Network adaptor's ip address in the internet zone, and also the subnet as yo have just explained. Everything seems to be working OK if I just change the setting from Internet zone to trusted zone.

My main concern was the security aspect, I suspected it would be OK for the reasons you stated but wanted a bit of assurance

Thanks again MIke

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