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Zonealarm will not install

  Tycho 23:16 27 Dec 2007

My new laptop with Vista Home Premium is refusing to install ZA. I am using the downloaded file zaSetup_en. This needs the internet connectio to allow it to download further data.

At a point fairly early in the installation I get an error:

Validation fialed for C:\Wndows\System32\VSINIT.dll

After I OK this I can continue with the wizard and elect for a clean install.

All seems OK but the computer then locks up and needed a forced shutdown and restart to get things going again.

Any ideas?


  Tycho 11:54 28 Dec 2007

Thanks Brundle

That looked just the job but I have checked right through the list of programs on "Uninstall or change a program" . The only Security programs that I have deliberately installed are AVG (free version) and Spybot S&D. Norton was uninstalled and seems to have gone and there is something called Infineon Security Platform which is not initialised. I have not yet found out what this is or if it is a good thing to have.

On this computer (XP desktop) I run AVG, Spybot S&D, Spywareblaster and Adaware and hope to do likewise on the Vista machine.


  SB23 12:47 28 Dec 2007

I'm not sure about Vista, as I run XP Home, but, last year I had a major problem with a previous version of ZA.
I had fixed the problem, and uninstalled ZA, but it wouldn't reinstall. Basically, the truevector services were corrupted, so without asking anyone (I was lucky it worked), I deleted the folder, and tried again, this time it installed.

I hope this info helps, but as I said, I run XP.


  Tycho 17:12 28 Dec 2007

When I bought it I asked for Norton to be removed and they said that they would. It seems that it is not removed completely because, although I can't see it anywhere, when I last started the laptop after having to kill it with the long press on the power button (It had locked up for ages.) I warned me that Norton is out of date.

I will now download the removal tool and see if that clears any remaining detritus.

I will be back later to tell you what has happened.


  Tycho 20:19 28 Dec 2007

Removed what might be the final vestiges of Norton as it has not shown up again but I still have the same problem with ZA.

I will now try deleting the ZA directory as SB33 said and see what that does. I just pray that there is nothing important in it that is used for other stuff.


  Tycho 20:56 28 Dec 2007

I deleted the ZA folder and the installation went as before. Any further ideas?


  Press Man 21:22 28 Dec 2007


click here print and follow instructions. Then try and install ZA in safe mode.

  Tycho 09:34 30 Dec 2007

Sorry. I was away all day yesterday. Thaks for the responses. I will have a go later on today.


  Tycho 12:13 30 Dec 2007

I don't think that I can do this one because ZA doesn't seem to install as far as putting something in the system tray...


  Tycho 12:17 30 Dec 2007

This list of instructions says it is for W2K and XP. I have Vista Home Premium, So I won't ry this until all else fails.


  Press Man 13:40 30 Dec 2007


Start in safe mode and search for the files that are stated in the instructions and delete them. Then try and install.

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