ZoneAlarm slowing down forum

  oscar cat 23:21 07 Jan 2005

Ever since I installed zonealarm pro version it has slowed the my use of this formum, pages take ages to load even on broadband, does anyone know of a setting in zonealarm that is slowing the pages from opening, I'am using all the default settings for zonealarm. Any advice much appreciated

  Jeffers22 23:40 07 Jan 2005

The way I speeded it up was to prevent all the ads from appearing. I found that the delay was more to do with delays accessing the adservers (in Germany particularly) so would suggest you do the same as me and use your hosts file to do this. Thanks again VOG! check this thread click here

  Spark6 23:45 07 Jan 2005

Noticed the same for the past month, fortunately I have a modem/router firewall so I have been able to dispense with ZA.

  LinuxPenguin 00:38 08 Jan 2005


get it and get the adblock extension. then you can block ads...

if you get an ad from address.ext/ads/egdshd.ext

in the adblock box (got by right clicking on the image and selecting adblock image), you can type address.ext/ads/* and it will block all ads from that ad server. when i browse the web now i get hardly any ads...

sometimes it says adblock iframe, which means they have embedded the ad in an iframe. use the same trick...

  oscar cat 01:36 08 Jan 2005

Thanks for your help and links, but when I replace the hosts file and reboot the hosts file reverts back to the original one from microsoft with an host.ics extension, don't know whether sp2 firewall or the windows file protection is also interfering but will take Spark6 advice and go for a modem/router/firewall.

  Jeffers22 12:32 08 Jan 2005

That is indeed strange, and certainly not my experience. The hosts file does not have an extension. Did you follow to the letter the instructions in the link provided by VOG in the thread I linked to? I made the changes from outside the XP system in question - you could try again using a boot floppy providing your file system is not NTFS.

  Spark6 23:37 08 Jan 2005

And what if 'The file system' is NTFS?

I would be quite happy to reinstate ZA if we are able to resolve this slowdown problem.


Previously, the ads/pop ups, together with ZA did not create this problem!

  woodchip 23:39 08 Jan 2005

I have just reloaded a old version on Win98se as It was stopping me getting on the Net. I could connect but that was it

  oscar cat 01:07 09 Jan 2005

As Spark6 says ntfs? Iam using this file system for the benefits it provides. Tried several times to replace the hosts file and editing it, but allways on reboot it reverts back to default file. Woodchip I always liked win98se for its speed of use but all my other software requires the use of XP.

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