Zonealarm Questions.

  bazza2 09:03 14 May 2003

I have just upgraded my zonealarm free edition from 2.6.362 to 3.7.098, and all appears to be fine - nice new interface.

I have 2 questions however:

1) What has happened to the zonealarm toolbar. Is it no longer required?

2) To test that it was doing what it should I would occasionally 'switch on' the pop-up warnings, then when I was happy that it was blocking access, switch them off again.
How do I test this in the new version?


  keith-236785 09:14 14 May 2003

on zone alarm
click privacy
on the main panel you have ad blocker
it is turned off by default, turn it on
click on Custom, there you can choose the action when an ad is blocked
hope this is what you meant
good luck

  bazza2 09:24 14 May 2003

It wasn't ad blocking that I was enquiring about.
With the previous version of ZA, a pop-up window would appear every time another PC tried to access your computer.

There was a tick box that I used to select, which stopped this pop-up from appearing.
I don't know where to switch this on and off now, if that is still possible.

  AndyJ 09:39 14 May 2003

Is what you're looking for in "Alerts & Logs" / Main / "Alerts Events Shown".

  keith-236785 09:42 14 May 2003

sorry mate i misunderstood
well this one is easy
on the main panel choose alerts & Logs
the top box is Alert Events Shown
Choose High ( show all alerts )
next time someone tries to access your computer it will pop up a window ( it wont be long, Bastards)

hope i got it right this time

  bazza2 12:48 14 May 2003

I shall try this when I get home.

Anyone have any information about the zonealarm toolbar, that I can't seem to find anymore?


  bazza2 18:02 14 May 2003

Does/did anyone use the zonealarm toolbar?

Is it still available in v3.7.098?


  Zak 19:40 14 May 2003

ZA did away with the toolbar quite a few versions ago.

You can right click on the ZA icon in sys tray, restore and then click on the arrow on th right hand corner of the ZA window, which will shrink it. This shrinked version has all the items the old toolbar used to have. You can then minimise for it to sit in the task bar.

Hope this helps.

  Simsy 22:55 14 May 2003

this forum...

I recently had lots of problems with ZoneAlarm and discovered there is an excellent source of help at click here



  bazza2 12:08 15 May 2003

I shall take all your suggestions on-board, and try them out when I get the next opportunity.

Simsy, Thanks for that advice ... why didn't I think of that ??

I shall have a look on the official zonelabs forum right now.


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