zonealarm prob

  spud22 18:48 09 Dec 2005

i am running windows xp with EZ Antivirus from computer associates and zonealarm version 6 i keep getting a message in zonealarm sayinf system error reboot system any idea what is causing this i have also scanned my computer hith trend houscall.

  >steve< 18:54 09 Dec 2005

spud if you can try to get hold of version 5 its more stable in my opinion,if not find and install sygate firewall that is a good firewall.

  Jaro 18:58 09 Dec 2005

tell me more about the error ? is it after you start your PC? ot after you start ZA or when exactlry and write exact error you get on screen

  Jaro 19:01 09 Dec 2005

i have never ever had a prob with ZA but you may be right about the version stability. if i where you spud i would try what steve sugested and then you will see. ZA is definitely far the best firewall.

  J B 21:37 09 Dec 2005

Good evening spud22 Try click here for a back issue of Zone Alarm. Use vresion 5.5.094 very stable and easy to load up. I have been using it for months with no problem at all. Good Luck. J.B.

  phono 21:44 09 Dec 2005

Before reverting to an earlier version try reinstalling ZA 6 and see if that cures the problem.

  spud22 06:45 10 Dec 2005

thanks for the advice guys i'm going with the version 5.5 never had any probs with it

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:02 10 Dec 2005

Try the ZA forum click here

  PaulB2005 09:13 10 Dec 2005

The early versions of ZA 6 did this. If you get the latest version it should stop doing it.

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