zonealarm or norton?

  Proxy worm 18:04 06 Sep 2003

i was going to but a firewall but then heardm you can get one free? is it worth getting norton or just settling for the free one?

  kane_2002k 18:10 06 Sep 2003

however i choose to buy norton as i found it more easy to configure (when playing online games, hosting a server), and also the free version of zonealarm is not compatable with windows ICS.

You Could try both (pretty sure that there is a demo version of norton) and then make up our mind. Zonealarm free version is probably very good if all you do is surfg the net.

  sdf 18:10 06 Sep 2003

I use Norton and can't fault it. It, in my opinion, is an insurmountable amount better then McAfee or PCCillin. I have never used Zone Alarm to know the product, everyone is always raving about it though. If you went with Norton you be on a winner... I'll leave it to someone else to give the perks of Zone Alarm

  holly polly 18:13 06 Sep 2003

hi both have similar facilities the zone alarm will give u comprehensive cover for nothing and works very well, the norton version is equally as good but if u buy it as part of the security suite u usually get antivirus software as well into the bargain ,its swings and roundabouts im afraid zone alarm - cost nothing -excellent
norton -cost ?£ also excellent if u require an anti virus prog check out grisofts AVG-this to is free but equaly very good -hope this has given u some ideas to reflect on -have fun -hol pol...

  benson68 18:23 06 Sep 2003

I was having problems with Zone Alarm, so now I use Kerio -another free one. No bother, & easy to use.
Dave Rhodes

  hugh-265156 18:25 06 Sep 2003

outpost is very good aswell,also here

  Legolas 18:38 06 Sep 2003

Zone alarm is ok with a network and ICS if you set both settings to 'medium'.

  nickthebestuk 18:39 06 Sep 2003

Sygate Personal Firewall is good and free. Go to

  alcudia 21:15 06 Sep 2003

I'm ready to be shouted at, but I remain a firm believer in the maxim that you get what you pay for. If it's free can it be as good as an alternative that costs money. Probably, but I am not willing to take that chance. I will stick with Norton both for AV and Firewall.

I now wait to be told I'm wrong.

  Belatucadrus 21:21 06 Sep 2003

Another vote for Kerio click here most free firewalls are slightly cut down versions of a commercial package. Kerio is an exception, the free for home use version is the same as the pay for version.

  Switcher 21:34 06 Sep 2003

I found Norton and Zone alarm both too intrusive but OUTPOST works very well and is free.

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