Zonealarm New Network Found

  SURVEY 22:13 08 Feb 2011

Plesae help me from going crazy. I run Windows XP and Zonealarm. Recently on startup I get a Zonealarm screen come up with .New Network found saying Zonealarm has found a new connection between your computer and the internet'. The oprion is given of Keep in Internet Zone or Allow into Trusted Zone. Whatever I allow this screen comes up every time I boot up. I have used Zonealrm for years without problem but this nuisance is making me want to dump the program.

Can anyone help?

  MAT ALAN 23:46 08 Feb 2011

click here

click here

might help...

  esbe 23:49 08 Feb 2011

some more info that might help.

click here

click here

  SURVEY 02:28 09 Feb 2011

Thanks for the links. I had found the first 3 mentioned and still had problems. With regard to the fourth I do not have the advanced option stated as I have reinstalled an earlier version (but the problem still exists). Any other ideas or do I just hope that ZA get an update out soon?

  SURVEY 12:00 11 Feb 2011

Seekit - I do hope that the issue will be addressed. I note that there have been plenty of complaints about this on the Zonealarm forum; many of the suggestions to get around the problem have not worked; none have worked for me. I really wish programmers would not try to justify their existence by tweaking something that has worked perfectly well just for the sake of it; the they take an age to remedy their mistakes!

  SURVEY 21:59 11 Feb 2011

Fed up with the Zonealarm problems. Now the icon on the toolbar says protection is on and UI is initialising plus I cannot get the interface screen up at all. Have tried completely clearing Zonealarm folders etc but to no avail.

What other free stand alone Firewall can anyone recommend?

  SURVEY 11:59 18 Feb 2011

Back to square one now with the intrusive interface coming up each time the computer is booted up - message saying 'New Network Found'. This appears to be a common problem and the Zonealarm users forum has had a response from the programmers that a coming update should sort this problem. How long one has to wait for this, I do not know. How many users will ditch Zonealarm in the interim? I am sorely tempted to change now.

Is there another free standalone Firewall that works as unobtrusively as Zonealarm used to?

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