Zonealarm help!

  Ronyap 18:29 03 May 2006


I have recently uninstalled Zonealarm because it was causing a lot of trouble. Just when I was thinking that everything was fine, this Zonealarm page Blocks every single Internet site I go on to. But, every time I restart my PC, the Internet will work for like 5 mins and then the ZA thing will come again.

Here is a pic of what I am talking about:

click here

I have done some research, and I have found out that I may not have totally uninstalled ZA yet. So, I am gonna try and reinstall ZA and then uninstall it following the instructions in my research. If the problem still occurs, I will have to rely on you people =)


PS. sorry for the small pic

  961 18:57 03 May 2006

1 How do you connect to the internet?

2 Which anti virus system do you use?

3 Which version of windows do you use?

4 What other spyware catchers/firewalls do you use if any?

Which version of za are you using? Have you updated it recently?

  howard63 20:35 03 May 2006

I spent several hours working on a pc for a friend who told me he had uninstalled za. There was no sign of it but it was there and blocking. I had to download the latest version and install it to get everything working properly. Once done it works very well.

  SANTOS7 20:53 03 May 2006

click here
this may help...

  VoG II 20:54 03 May 2006
  SANTOS7 20:55 03 May 2006

click here
it may be the true vector monitor (firewall) bit thats not completely uninstalled, this may also help....

  Totally-braindead 21:05 03 May 2006

If it leaves bits behind ccleaner may get rid of it, it can look for bits of programs left behind and remove them, very useful especially for freeing up disk space.

  Ronyap 21:19 03 May 2006

Thanks everyone, Ive solved it.

I reinstalled Zonealarm, then I had to untick the box that said: 'Load Zonealarm at startup' or something like that anyways under preferences. Then, I uninstalled it, and the internet now works fine.

Thanks for everyone who replied, and I hope this thread will help others too =).

  pennyben 23:19 03 May 2006

Why not try other free FW's such as Comodo, Netveda or Kerio? You may be pleased.

  The Spires 23:21 03 May 2006

Zone Alarm removal click here

  johnnyrocker 23:29 03 May 2006

my preference is for sygate which i find brilliant compared to the grief i had with za


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