ZoneAlarm and Freeserve Problem

  spuds 23:39 11 Jun 2003

I have spent most of today, trying to get a friends computer working, and I had to reconfigure his machine, with the help of Freeserve techies. He is connected to Freeserve Broadband via a BT landline.The computer is running XP Home.He as had a number of problems with this setup, and I have posted other queries via the Helproom.

The question that as baffled us, and I wonder if anyone can offer advice. Freeserve and BT have suggested that we shutdown ZoneAlarm, as they think this is causing a problem.The XP Home firewall is disabled, and this can only leave Freeserve hopefully offering us any firewall protection.If not, then the computer is open to invasion,which we do not want. Help, advice,suggestions gladly appreciated.

  hugh-265156 00:25 12 Jun 2003

truevector internet monitor can cause problems for some.

try outpost,its quite good and free also click here

  ahales42 01:53 12 Jun 2003

Disagree. Used ZA with freeserve and now use it with AOL.The problem could be with program control. Right click on az icon, go to control centre, then left click program control. allow freeserve and associated progs to access the internet.If you are not sure which progs to permit. set them to ask. ZA is one of the best on the market.

  hugh-265156 01:56 12 Jun 2003

as ahales42 good advice

  spuds 18:39 12 Jun 2003

I have used ZoneAlarm on my own machine for ages, more than satified with it, and would fully recommend it to others. That is why I have installed it on my friends machines.

We are still trying to sort out the problems with Freeserve and BT.Forgot to ask Freeserve, if they have any safeguards in their system.

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