ZoneAlarm Free - query about updates

  avesnes1 20:40 22 Mar 2007

The version that I have on my machine is 6.5.737.000 . I have ZoneAlarm set to do automatic updates and every so often it asks permission to access the internet which I grant. The message comes back that I have the latest version but I notice that there is a version numbered 7.0.337.000 available on "filehippo" and "majorgeeks". Am I doing something wrong or should I just download the new version and manually replace the old? If so can I just overwrite the old or do I need to uninstall the old before installing the new?
Thanks in advance for any guidance.

  phono 20:47 22 Mar 2007

There was a problem with one of the Version 7 updates so I believe it was "pulled" for a time, I believe the issue has since been resolved but it may be worth checking the ZA forums for advice/help.

  avesnes1 20:49 22 Mar 2007

Thanks for the advice-I'll do that right now.

  avesnes1 21:27 22 Mar 2007

I've been to the ZoneAlarm forum and it does seem there are "serious bugs" in version 7.0.337.000 and even words like "fiasco" are being used. From some of the threads I get the impression that ZoneLabs have/had shut their eyes to the comments in the forum and in various blogs. Other comments are asking ZoneLabs to give free help to some customers with severe problems so as not to jeopardise their good name!

  riiverstock 21:35 22 Mar 2007

If you are not P2P file sharing then dump ZA and keep to the basic MS firewall.
Why update to new ZA bugs? Most people keep the door wide open anyway,when ZA warms them!

  chocolate cake 22:20 22 Mar 2007

I've been with ZA for some time now and am considering changing because of the compatibility issues with a few of my other programs. I'm currently running 7.0.337 and am tired of the ten minutes hanging on startup.

There are free alternatives out there. Don't, for goodness sakes, rely on the Windows XP Firewall it's reasonable at best for incoming but stops nothing on the way out.

Kerio/Sunbelt - If you install it keeps running after the initial three days trial with some of the functions disabled. click here

Comodo - click here

  riiverstock 22:30 22 Mar 2007

chocolate cake ,the Kerio/Sunbelt bit was very reassuring!

You only get what you pay for in this life.

  bretsky 23:02 22 Mar 2007

I have to come to Z/A defense here, I have used this free software for years now, and to this day have never encountered any problems whether installing uninstalling or updating the program at the moment I have the version you have and when Z/A is ready to update your current version, it will, all in good time. My only concern about the new version is the size of it, why so big?

bretsky ;0)

  chocolate cake 00:11 23 Mar 2007

Unfortunately the V7.0.337 is now activated on the auto update. Have a read of some of the comments on the ZA forum click here and make your own mind up.

I've tried the 7.0.337 Pro version and hate it for making startup so arduous. I'm now on Sunbelt 30 days trial and will see how it goes.

  phono 00:22 23 Mar 2007

To date I am on ZA version 7.0.337.000 and, as before, touch wood, have had no problems as yet.

I am running McAfee antivirus, CounterSpy and SuperAntiSpyware, all with "active protection" enabled along with ZA and its own "live" anti-spyware protection enabled without any problems.

Having said all that, CounterSpy seems to frequently interject with a request to grant or deny various processes permission to access the Internet or actually run, could this be a side effect (bug)?

  Stuartli 09:10 23 Mar 2007

You may have downloaded the new ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite 7.0 as part of a 15 day trial as well. See:

click here

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