ZoneAlarm and Dial-Up

  woodchip 23:12 23 Dec 2004

As anybody had any problems, My version is ZoneAlarm Personal version

And it is stopping my Dial-Up connecting to the Net, no activity from modem, it seems to be OK when it is switched of, Any IDEAS. It’s the same with Win98se and XPhome.

PS my Dial-Up connects and that is it.

  Spark6 23:22 23 Dec 2004

Version and BT/Yahoo broadband, no problems.

Merry Xmas

  woodchip 00:00 24 Dec 2004

Why do I hardly ever get any replies when I post

  bretsky 00:20 24 Dec 2004

So you can connect to the internet without your firewall?
Bit of a daft question, but do you have a Internet Explorer allowed?

bretsky ;0)

  THE TERMINATOR 00:26 24 Dec 2004

You can choose the programs that are allowed to connect to the internet, but if Internet Explorer is not enabled, then Zone Alarm will not allow it(that's what a firewall does)....TT

  Tick Tock 00:54 24 Dec 2004

Nothing but trouble had to go back a version now
everthing ok.

  bretsky 01:15 24 Dec 2004

Same version as Spark6 also no problems.

bretsky :0)

  griffon 56 01:23 24 Dec 2004

Hi Woodchip, There,there - here's a reply. I don't suppose you've got the Internet Lock ON in your ZA setup panel? No? it was just a long shot. Other than that I can only agree with bretsky, make sure you've got IE allowed.

  woodchip 09:42 24 Dec 2004

Don't use IE, Use Netscape yes all are ticked for allow no lock on. I only use the stop button if I see activity that I do not like, that means after pressing the stop button in Netscape the two little telly icons keep flashing.

PS I have downloaded the latest ZoneAlarm, so will see how it goes and thank's for letting me know I am no on my own on the PCA site.

  ^wave^ 11:26 24 Dec 2004

never had any problems with zonealarm but try and uninstall it and then reload it

  ^wave^ 11:26 24 Dec 2004

never had any problems with zonealarm but try and uninstall it and then reload it

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