ZoneAlarm blocking my internet

  hawthorn59 17:55 25 Oct 2007

Hi. Im just helping a friend install broadband, its Eircom broadband. All was well but couldnt connect, I rang eircom help and they figured that ZA was bocking the internet including the router. They did some checks and found that ZA even changed the IP address.

Sure enough when I turned it off everything worked. They said to contact ZA and see how to change the settings, or lower the strength.

How can i do that? I myself have Comodo and it doesn interfere at all with my broadband, though I dont get my broadband from Eircom.

For a while I did have my friends laptop in my house, and I in fact installed ZA for him. It connected then to my broadband without a problem. So could it be something in Eircoms brodband, and/or any ideas how to fix it?



  Batch 18:20 25 Oct 2007

One of the features in ZA is an Internet lock. Maybe this has been locked by default.

In my version there is a padlock at the top of the main screen which shows the status (i.e. locked padlock = internet locked). If you click on it, it will switch its status (e.g. locked to unlocked).

  Acx 18:30 25 Oct 2007

Open Zone-Alarm, go to program control and look for things with a red X (under Access Internet/Trusted) change them all to ask.

If this fails remove all entries and try to connect to the Internet, this will force all programs to ask for Internet access again.

  superhoops 19:04 25 Oct 2007

I uninstalled Zone Alarm after I realised it was causing half of my firefox tabs to "problem connecting...." every time I started up Firefox. It was some kind soul on here who pointed me in the right direction. I now use only Windows firewall and seems ok...

  hawthorn59 21:08 25 Oct 2007

Thanks all for responses. I appear to have solved it; I simply uninstalled ZA, and when I had everything up and running, installed it again. This time it must have adjusted itself to the broadband connection and router, because there were no problems (so far anyway!).



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