ZoneAlarm 5.1 Update Available

  spuds 11:04 01 Oct 2004

Appologies if this as already been notified. There is a new update via click here

  Old Shep 11:25 01 Oct 2004

Have mine on autoupdate but thanks anyway

  It's Me 15:09 01 Oct 2004

This has caused me problems today. See click here

Probably just the way things effect just me, but I do sometimes wonder how they check things out before software is issued, mind you, it is strange that it only seems to occur on this web site.

  igk 15:37 01 Oct 2004

Yes same here I had problems with my news reader "Xnews" would not work properly,went back to a previously (and well tested version of ZA) and all ok again.

  spuds 21:50 01 Oct 2004

Since I downloaded this update, I have had a mystery yellow triangle with qusetion mark appear on my taskbar. This seems to come and go at random. When I click on it, the triangle vanishes only to return a few moments later. Clicking on the symbol goves no indication as to what it is.

I have run all my safeguard and security devices , but all are showing clean. Perhaps further investigations are required!.

  spuds 21:52 01 Oct 2004


  It's Me 22:13 01 Oct 2004

Looks like another faulty update to me. My problem disappeared when I uninstalled and installed the earlier version.

  Mango Grummit 01:04 02 Oct 2004

I've had it on four systems for over 14 hours with no problems. A question of luck again I suppose. Having said that I don't think there really is much need to update firewalls once you are satisfied they work ok as is.

  spuds 11:09 02 Oct 2004

After rebooting a couple of times, and re-running all the other safety/safeguard devices, the little yellow triangle as vanished.Strange how this object appeared soon after the ZA update, so I will need to keep my eye on this, should it re-appear.Everything now seems back to normal.

  igk 21:05 02 Oct 2004

Would agree with MANGO GRUMMIT I'm still using ver 3.1.395 and no problems at all will keep this one.

  Spark6 21:15 02 Oct 2004

Been running this for the last day or so, no obvious problems or mysterious UYT's.

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