adamagain 23:05 16 Mar 2006

I seem to be geting a constant error when i start the computer
Zonealarm used to work ok but now i get a screen saying there has been a problem and it must close
If i goto start up and select it that way its fine though

Anyone help

  Jak_1 23:09 16 Mar 2006

Could be a corupt file, either try uninstalling and then re-installing or take the computer back to a date before the problem started by using 'System Restore'

Hope this helps

  wbiggchiefy 23:29 16 Mar 2006

I had this problem ages ago with Zone Alarm - it was fixed by reinstalling - but hey if this is what happens to the security software you run then what is it letting into your PC? - I soon switched.
Don't get me wrong - I'm a total advocate of free software - BUT only if it works with no flaws.


  pennyben 00:15 17 Mar 2006

Zone Alarm 6 seems to be buggy, the ZA forums are full of problems. Give Kerio/Sunbelt a try.

  BigRik 15:01 17 Mar 2006

For whatever reason, ZoneAlarm 6 seems to give some people problems but not others. I updated from version 5 a couple of weeks ago (just by updating, not doing a clean install as is often recommended) and it seems to be working perfectly.

Early versions of ZA6 were buggy, but after taking advice from other posts in this forum, I installed the very latest (6.1.737.000) and it seems OK.

However adamagain, if you want to give ZA6 another chance, and there are plenty of ZA supporters on this forum, then I would do as Jak_1 suggests and uninstall and reinstall.

  pj123 15:17 17 Mar 2006

I also had lots of problems with the latest version of Zonealarm. I uninstalled and went back to No problems since.

I still have the download for on my computer, if you want it I can email it to you but it is about 7mbs.

  J B 16:13 17 Mar 2006

Just a thought, I too am running without problems and I will stick with it until the newer version becomes a little more stable. You can download at click here if you wish to do so. J.B.

  adamagain 22:57 17 Mar 2006

Thanks for all the info
think i might do a new install

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