Zone Alarm very,very busy.

  musicbassman 22:22 21 Jul 2004

I changed from dial up to BT Broadband 5 days ago and installed Zone Alarm (off PC Advisor cover disc) at the same time. Everything runs fine, but Zone Alarm is now reporting that it has blocked over 30,000 intrusions (326 high rated so far) and blocked over 10500 access attempts. All this in 5 days ??? I didn't know I was so popular. If I bring up the ZA window I can see the numbers mounting as I watch. What on earth is going on? A friend has ZA also and his is reporting about 15000 intrusions - but after 12 months of use.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:24 21 Jul 2004

Updated ZA yesterday 134 74 high in less than 10hrs use

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:27 21 Jul 2004

Restore control centre - firewall - main set slider to high now in stealth mode harder to see less likely to be probed

  musicbassman 22:42 21 Jul 2004

Sorry Fruit Bat, could you go through that again slowly and in a little more detail for an old prat like me? Do you mean ZA settings or XP firewall settings ?

  end 23:45 21 Jul 2004

out of you know what is actually trying to get ONTO your computer with all these attacks??? I ahv BB and Guard IE here, which has its own "built-in" firewall as such, works in a "reverse way " to a firewall ..(at least that is the way I describe how it works!!)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 00:04 22 Jul 2004

Zone alarm settings

1. right click ZA icon on taskbar select restore Zone alarm control center

2. click on Firewall (2nd down onleft)

3. click main tab (top right may allready be showing you should be seeing two sliders, internet zone security and just below it trusted zone security)

4. click on sliders and drag up to high

5. return ZA to tray by clicking on the X top right

  musicbassman 06:26 22 Jul 2004

Thanks for the info fruit bat, I'll see what happens. And 'end' - No I don't know what is doing this - is there a way of finding out ?

  smoothcue 07:43 22 Jul 2004

Hi musicbassman,
you mentioned above 'ZA settings or 'XP firewall settings',are you running both?.
When you run ZA you should disable XP firewall.

  musicbassman 08:14 22 Jul 2004

Hello smoothcue - XP firewall is disabled by default (isn't it?) - I've never enabled it. I understand that they shouldn't both be running.

  smoothcue 08:39 22 Jul 2004

Hi musicbassman,yup thats correct,only one should be running.
Which version of ZA alarm is it?,version 5.0 has proved really troublesome,ZA are working on sorting out the problems,click here click here

  smoothcue 08:45 22 Jul 2004

I'll try that link again !.
click here

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