Zone Alarm v MS XP(home) Internal Fire-Wall

  sc00ter 12:50 15 Aug 2003

Thought I'd ask the obvious question regarding the quality of XP home's internal firewall, compared to (say) zone alarm. Until I read about it in the press this week foloowing all the Blaster fuss, I did'nt even know it existed!

Has anyone tried using it and can I (with any confidence) safely turn Zone Alarm off in favour it?

Your views and comments would be appreciated.



  leo49 12:55 15 Aug 2003

You're joking aren't you? - Stick with ZA and turn off the XP native one. Problem with MS's lame offering is that it only blocks incoming whereas ZA also blocks outgoing thus preventing any nasties from getting out.


  TechMad 13:49 15 Aug 2003

Microsoft have tried to integrate a whole range of features into Windows and other software packages. This means that these functions may not be as good as a software vendor who specialises in firewall protection such as Zone Alarm.

However Microsoft has incorporated Adaptec (or Roxio, I think it is now) CD burning technology into Windows. I don't know much about their firewall.

  TechMad 13:51 15 Aug 2003

By the last part of my message I mean that they may have integrated firewall technology from the likes of McAfee or Symantec.

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