Zone Alarm Update - beware?

  User-F2543C90-A375-4957-AC5715C260074746 17:24 21 Sep 2005

Ive now seen other postings on this subject - I only come here when I have problems
I run xp and when I took Zonelabs invitation to update Zonealarm today - which I did rather than a clean install -
I could then not get onto the internet at all without uninstalling the programme
Im now using the windows firewall
Would it be safe to do a fresh install now or shall I leave well alone.
Is windows firewall enough?

  Skills 17:44 21 Sep 2005

I wouldnt recommend just using windows firewall as it only protects your pc from incoming attacks, it does not monitor any programs on your pc that access the internet. Therefore if you did have a nasty program that tried to call home windows firewall would allow it and you wouldn't be any the wiser.

Do you have the old installion file for zonealarm 5x if so then I'd reinstall that, if you dont I have zonealarm 5.5 here which I could mail you (its a 7meg file). If you would like a copy just mail me via the yellow envelope.

Alternatively there are other free firewalls out there sygate click here and kerio click here being two that I know of.

  leo49 17:54 21 Sep 2005

The latest ZA update - 6.0.667.000 overcomes all problems associated with recent updates and is perfectly safe to install.

  Arnie 18:00 21 Sep 2005

don't rely on Windows firewall.

It's a pity you can't use the ZoneAlarm firewall. One of its virtues is that it runs in stealth mode which Windows fw doesn't.

You can check your firewall at click here

Incidentally, have you tried a clean install of ZA. Zonelabs recommend this.

The latest version is: 6.0.667.000

  Arnie 18:02 21 Sep 2005

You beat me to it.

  bretsky 18:19 21 Sep 2005

Is this old news then? click here

bretsky ;0)

  bretsky 18:21 21 Sep 2005

Please enlighten me as I have 5x and wish to upgrade but won't because of this very reason.

bretsky ;0)

  Stuartli 18:28 21 Sep 2005

No, it's not "old" news but just because some people have problems doesn't mean everyone does.

I've been using ZA (free) for at least three years and almost certainly longer and also install/update it regularly on various other systems for friends and family.

So far no one's system, whether it's a Windows 98SE or right through to XP, has experienced problems; all that is done is that an Update is done to the installed version which retains the configuration.

Any problems experienced with ZA are almost certainly to do with other aspects of a system rather than the firewall itself.

  Kenneth-266656 19:12 21 Sep 2005

I agree with Stuartli Zone Alarm is a good firewall that I've been using for years now. I'm using ver. and have resisted offers of update because of problems recently posted on this forum. Nice to know that 6.0.667.000 seems to have sorted this out.

  Hamish 19:15 21 Sep 2005

I have Version 6.0.667.000 on 3 computers with no problems and also agree with Stuartli

  scotty 20:59 21 Sep 2005

The first release of Version 6 of ZoneAlarm caused many problems. The ZA forum was inundated with people experiencing problems. There are still some people experiencing difficulties with 6.0.667 but nothing like as many as the previous version. Check out the forum here: click here

I intend to see how things pan out before I update ZA again. A firewall does not have to be updated in the same way as anti-virus software. If version 5.5 is doing the job you want there is no need to update. If the new features of ZA 6 are important to you then it is worth considering updating but I suggest a read of the above forum first.

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