Zone Alarm & System Restore

  misog 23:03 30 Mar 2003

The latest free version of Zone Alarm is still stopping automatic restore points being set, after a few days of updating, when running Windows ME. I know I can shut down ZA for a few minutes so that a restore point is set but when are ZA going to fix this problem?

  MPete 23:25 30 Mar 2003

It's a ME bug man. I have GoBack, same idea and ZoneAlarm and they get along just fine.

ME must not be well the TrueVector engine part of zone alarm is always running. So I guess ME thinks it's not safe to mark the restore point.

See they can't even Steal software properly. GoBack ingnores it and that is what system restore is based on.

GoBack is way better.

So welcome to ME world.. One more bug in a very very long list.

You might be able to fix it by turning off the log file and other parts of zone alarm thay may be writing to disk. Something is writing to disk and that is why it's not marking the point.

  leo49 23:37 30 Mar 2003

That's ridiculous - if it's a bug anywhere it's in ZA.

  misog 23:39 30 Mar 2003

Its a bug with version 3. of Zone Alarm as this problem does not occur with the earlier version 2.
so why cant they fix it Grhhh.

  MPete 23:50 30 Mar 2003

Something is using the disk and that is why it's not marking the point as safe. Now it could be system restores timer is to long and zone alarm writes to the disk before the time is marked.

That's why you should turn off record log file. It may fix it. But I don't use that version anyway. I've learned a long time ago the latest greatest from Zone Alarm is probibly still beta so I keep one version behind the curve. Then again I don't use ME.

If your old one worked why did you upgrade? A firewall is simple. You don't need extra features in a firewall.

Have you asked at the Zone Alarm news group? There is a lot of data there on bug fixes.

  misog 00:06 31 Mar 2003

This problem has occured on all version 3 updates.

It has appeared on the Forum and ZA have replied to my mails stating that it will be fixed.

I prefer version 3 as you dont get the icon flashing all the time.

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