zone alarm settings,allow as a server?

  dfghjkl 21:20 29 Nov 2003

hello,when i get asked if i want to allow something access to the internet,i know what to do but if it then asks me if i want to allow it to be a server,what does this actually mean?thanks

  powerless 21:24 29 Nov 2003

Server permission allows a program on your computer to "listen" for connection requests from other computers, in effect giving those computers the power to initiate communications with yours. This is distinct from access permission, which allows a program to initiate a communications session with another computer.

  dfghjkl 21:31 29 Nov 2003

should servers be kept to a minimum or only very trusted sites or does it not matter?Am i getting paranoid over nothing?

  BarryKeith 21:50 29 Nov 2003

The only server I have allowedf is my personal e-mail server, everything else is blocked.
Unless you are using instant messaging or videocasting there is no reason for anything to act as a server on your computer.

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