Zone Alarm and second computer

  Taw 18:18 14 Jul 2003

I recently installed ZA free on to my computer. I have a second comp. running of this computer, but when ZA is active the seconnd comp. cannot access the internet. I have putthe second computers address in the trusted zone but still does not allow connection. If I disable ZA the other comp. links to the net no problem. Im running Xp on my main computer and XPpro on my second. But as stated I think it is some permission within ZA that is not allowing access.


  Kryten 18:29 14 Jul 2003

Somebody may say different, but I had the same problem and in the on-line instructions for Zone Alarm it informed me to upgrade to Zone Alarm Pro to be able to do this. So I switched to Outpost which does not cause me any problems.

  keith-236785 18:41 14 Jul 2003

Try this mate, im not saying it will work but it did for me....

on the Main pc (the one with the internet connection)

open zone alarm

click Firewall (left hand side)

click advanced (bottom right)

in the Internet Connection Sharing section,

select This computer is an ICS/NAT gateway

close the zone alarm window, restart windows and try connecting via the client pc again, it should now work ok

good luck

  Sparks 19:13 14 Jul 2003

I had the same problem as you so I disabled ZA on the client PC. Since then I have read on several occasions that a firewall is only required on the host machine. You need an anti virus program on both don't forget.

  keith-236785 19:37 14 Jul 2003

Sparks is right, the server pcs zone alarm should protect(firewall) both computers.

  jazzypop 19:55 14 Jul 2003

Only partially correct - see click here

  Taw 20:09 14 Jul 2003

Thanks peeps it looks as if I need to upgrade to the pro version first

  The Spires 20:28 14 Jul 2003

If you want to protect your second pc against outgoing threats you need a firewall on it as the link jazzypop shows.

  howard60 21:45 14 Jul 2003

I set in zone alarm program control to medium and trusted to low - internet to medium - all now ok.

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