Zone alarm problems

  Shorty123 16:14 04 Oct 2004

I did a search and saw people had trouble back in June with zone alarm 5. I have been fine for years until I upgraded to 5.1 on Friday (Oct 1st) via an automatic update reminder. Twice today, zone alarm hasn't loaded when I booted up, and I couldn't get into it at all through all programs. Attempting to made my pc freeze twice. After re-booting, still no zone alarm then pc shut itself down. Left it to sulk for an hour, re-booted and zone alarm is running again, all seems fine. Any advice? Should I uninstall the whole thing and download an older version? I am running XP Home edition. Thanks in anticipation

  Noelg23 16:19 04 Oct 2004

I would go for uninstalling and reinstalling all over again and when the updates come up make sure you do them to keep your security upto date...otherwise you could have more problems...

  Shorty123 16:22 04 Oct 2004

So you mean uninstall 5.1 and re-install 5.1?
Cheers, Carol

  Noelg23 16:25 04 Oct 2004

well not quite...I mean uninstall 5.1 and reinstall the older version then update all the way upto 5.1...but try the former first if you want and see what happens...

  newearwax 19:07 04 Oct 2004

FWW The instructions were to uninstall old version before installing new. So far no probs.

  Shorty123 20:08 04 Oct 2004

Ok, thanks for that, I'll give it a try....will I easily find an older version to download?
Cheers, Shorty

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