Zone Alarm Pro

  Hugpet 19:59 16 Feb 2006

Having had a new hard drive fitted, I attemted to reinstall Zone Alarm Pro, from the Backup Disc I purchased. Problems developed and I had to uninstall same. On again trying to install this progra, both from my Disc and a Download Site, each Time a box popped up saying, "Setup is unable to log into the TrueVector service. Install cannot continue without logging into thee TrueVector service. Please use the service manager to shut down the TrueVector service and then restart the installer program". I have contacted the program suppliers helpline and done as they suggested, by editing the registry, but all to no avail. Where do I find the service manager, Can anybody help? Hugpet

  namtas 20:10 16 Feb 2006

I dont know how to fix your problem but I have had the same problem on reinstalling to a Win ME machine.
I think I deleted the folder and it reinstalled

  Hugpet 14:12 17 Feb 2006

To namtas. Thanks for your reply but as I stated earlier, thanks to e-mails from Zone Alarm Technical Assistance, I have deleted every thing, both in Programs and the Registry. I cannot find any traces of Zone Alarm Pro on my computer, but the same message as before comes up each time I try to reinstall same. As I mentioned before, I do not know where to find either the "service manager" or the "TrueVector service". Help still required. Hugpet

  The Spires 14:56 17 Feb 2006
  Hugpet 14:26 19 Feb 2006

Thank you to all who suggested answers to the problem I was having. I am pleased to report that the matter has been resolved, with the help of a computer engineer and the instructions received from Zone Alarm Tecnical Help. Hugpet.

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