Zone Alarm Pro

  Robotic_Rob 22:54 05 Jul 2004

Hey, Is they anyway i can reset Zone Alarm Pro Version 3.5.166? You Know like a factory restore.

As some how ive perminantly blocked a program i use, and i cant figure out how ive done it. And anything i think is involved with this program to connect to the internet i have it set to ask me first. But the program aint working and Zone Alarm aint asking me if it can connect to the internet. I know its Zone Alarm as for about 10 secs i closed it down and tried the program and it worked.

  hugh-265156 23:06 05 Jul 2004

open zonealarm and click on 'program control' then find your program in the list and click on the 'access' and 'server' columns and set this to allow block or ask. if you choose ask it will ask you every time,choose allow to always allow access. most programs don't require server access though.

if its not in the list click 'add' and browse to find your program and then set as above.

  Robotic_Rob 23:10 05 Jul 2004

I thought my original post shows that i know how to use the program!

Im asking about resetting it not how 2 use it!

  hugh-265156 23:58 05 Jul 2004

ooooooo k...sorry :-)

download zonealarm again and reinstall it. when the installer prompts you choose 'clean install'

sorry :-)

  Robotic_Rob 00:05 06 Jul 2004


Sorry, i just hate it when people do that with me. As they do it all the time and it just annoys the hell out me.

  TomJerry 00:11 06 Jul 2004

this is my solution, not clever but works

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