Zone Alarm Pro

  griffon 56 22:49 15 Apr 2004

Zone Alarm Pro will not retain customised settings. It keeps re-introducing its own. Two of the programs, 'svchost.exe' and another I can't remember just now, keep trying to dial my ISP and go on-line when I'm not doing anything remotely connected with the web. It's so annoying I've uninstalled ZA Pro. I had no trouble with ZA Free. Anybody had similar problems?

  hugh-265156 23:54 15 Apr 2004

in zone alarm pro nad free versions you can set access permissions for programs in "program control/programs"

svchost is a windows service ok but sometimes nasties can pretend to be it.i would be suspicious if its asking to dial out.

try a scan with spybot and adware just in case click here click here remove anything they find.

  griffon 56 00:23 16 Apr 2004

Thanks huggyg71,
I tried the things you mention before reaching boiling point and uninstalling. At first I was alerted to ZA's odd behaviour because a screensaver kept switching back to the desktop for no apparent reason. I'd like to go back to using ZA Pro but I don't feel I can trust it not to run up a bill when I'm not looking!

  hugh-265156 00:29 16 Apr 2004

did adaware and spybot give all clear?

did you uninstall any free version of ZA before updating to pro? click here for other OS click here

  griffon 56 00:01 17 Apr 2004

Thanks Huggyg71
I have Spybot and yes I did. No, I installed Pro over Free but I needn't have done really because the OS was the 98SE half of a dual boot system which I keep solely for accessing the net. I don't keep or create any important files on it and have all the discs for a reload if it gets corrupted by a nasty. It's not all that convenient switching between OS's for different tasks but I don't care what happens to 98SE. I did get Mydoom A in January but AVG detected and destroyed it, so it said, but it left an erratic system which I had to reload from scratch.

I expect you've seen me labouring this comment before so apologies if it isn't new to you, but I use Evidence Eliminator on every restart and shutdown after a long net access and I don't seem to get much interference from nasties and irritations. I assume it's because EE gets rid of all traces of previous web activity and there is no trail to follow. However, there has been comment in recent PCA's about stealth surfing. Please can anyone recommend a piece of freeware for doing this?

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