Zone alarm popup message.

  Meshuga 20:34 19 Sep 2007

I keep getting a popup message headed Zone Alarm Service Agent telling me an important security update is available and inviting me to either tick update now or tick remind me later. As I`m not sure if this is safe to update I have tried clicking on the X to remove it but it won`t go. Anyone know what this is and is it safe to update. If it`s not safe how do I stop the popup please.

  igk 20:43 19 Sep 2007

This is just to tell you that there is a zonealarm update and its a pain in the ##se, to stop it just open up zonealarm control panel and look for "Overview Preferences" and select "Check for product updates manually" that should stop the pop up, and by the way don't be too quick updating zonealarm as they can have bugs its best to wait a while and go on the technical forums at zone labs website first.

  Snec 20:45 19 Sep 2007

Yes, this happened today on one of our machines and we updated it.. all went OK.

Strangely none of the other machines have been asked (as yet).

  Technotiger 20:48 19 Sep 2007

I believe it is genuine, but you can check here to compare which version you have at the moment. I don't use ZA but I think ZA does have the option to turn off auto updates, this would prevent the popup in future.

click here

  Meshuga 20:52 19 Sep 2007

Thanks to all, sooner be over cautious than not at all.

  igk 20:53 19 Sep 2007

I have used zonealarm since it started! and it does as I said have the option to turn off auto updates.

  Technotiger 20:54 19 Sep 2007

Yes, I saw your post, but we were both typing/responding at the same time. :-))

  igk 20:57 19 Sep 2007

OK no probs didn't think of that Great minds think alike!

  Erl6 15:33 27 Sep 2007

We had this prob at work. Not only does it not go away when cancelled you cant even stop it via control-alt-delete. Some tried to appease it by agreeing 'remind me in 60 days' but there it was again the next day! IT came up with a solution (probably as above) but by then we so infuriated we had zonealarm taken off all pcs in the building. It was the bullying attitude to customers that got up our nose

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