zone alarm or sygate?

  herc182 13:30 31 Aug 2004

Dear all,

Which of these is better? until yesterday i was using the windows xp firewall, then i downloaded the sygate one for free. is it better than zone alarm or not?

Further to an earlier post click here is there anyway of finding out how much i have downloaded since getting an internet connection (including just viewing web pages etc)?

Thank you people.

  Wak 14:15 31 Aug 2004

I tried Zonealarm years ago but couldn't get on with it so changed to Sygate.
No problems whatsoever now. An excellent free program and easy to select either Ask, Block or Allow for any application.

  herc182 14:28 31 Aug 2004

yeah it seems fantastic. just wondering if it actually is a good firewall or whether i should buy one? the windows firewall never said anything to me (rarely poped up) but sygate asks me whether i should allow internet explorer connect to the internet! reassuring......

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:39 31 Aug 2004

You have no chance of getting hacked on a home computer so if you feel you need a firewall get a free one (and a free AV as well). Any firewall will do but I feel that ZA is a bit OTT with lots of 'false' alarms that disappear when you buy the prof. version (strange eh?), also I find Steve Gibson to be slightly away with the fairies.

There is another free firewall that many members use and seems to be non-invasive..Kerio..... click here Kerio/Sygate, choose whichever there will be no difference in 'protection'.


  herc182 14:42 31 Aug 2004

Thats great GANDALF. cheers for your input. i will leave sygate in then....

Any ideas on the second part of my thread anyone?


  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:50 31 Aug 2004

Again your ISP wil have full details of which sites you have visited and how much you have downnloaded. They keep these details for a minimum of 6 years (worth bearing in mind for those that like 'exotic' sites). However, this information is not available to you unless you are Plod with a warrant or a Spook. I'm afraid there is no way that you can ascertain past usage.


  herc182 15:25 31 Aug 2004

right. yeah i know the ISP should have a record. I just wanna monitor it myself to see:

A) that the ISP is quoting the right amount (just being paranoid i guess), and

B) whether i need to have unlimited downloads or whether i could go for their capped service for £17.00/month instead of £24.99/month.

Thanks again Gandalf

  JayDay 16:12 31 Aug 2004

To monitor your bandwidth (net usgae) get net monitor click here

  herc182 16:53 31 Aug 2004

thanks JayDay. i already have that. but it resets every time you switch off the computer. i suppose i should have had it from the beginning and set up a spreadsheet in excel to note the download size b4 i switch off the computer. might do that next month!


  JayDay 17:39 31 Aug 2004

It didn't reset when I used it. Check the settings/options. Somewhere it gives you the option to specify the period you want to check eg 1st of the month to the first of next month. It will then give you details of daily / weekly and monthly usage

  herc182 18:14 31 Aug 2004

o i see...i downloaded the earlier version as i was apprehensive of the beta version. i will download that instead.... thanks

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