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  hillybilly 10:13 09 Jul 2003

I have 4 pc's networked through an 8 port switch. We have a BT openworld broadband connection via a USB modem, but we do NOT have a fixed IP address. We want to use Zone Alarm on our system and have installed it on all 4 pc's. This all works well until we shut down at night. When power up in the morning only the computer with the Usb modem can connect to the internet, we either have to go into Zone Alarm and reset the current IP address orturn it off! Does anybody know, do or must I get a permanent Ip Adddress. Any help please?

  Squall 12:21 09 Jul 2003

I take it that you mean your BT IP address is dynamic, what about the IP addresses of the PC's on your network? Are they static?

  hillybilly 15:19 09 Jul 2003

Hi Squall,

First thanks for taking an interest.
That's right the BT IP address is dynamic, so are the IP's on the Pc's. The reason was that although I could get them all working fine with fixed ip's for a lan, once you turned on or tried to make internet connections, they all just stopped seeing or talking to one another! The main problem was between XPhome and W2k, XPhome and W98se was fine.

  hillybilly 15:36 09 Jul 2003

Yes they are on a switch, all I have done is gone into properties of each Network card on each machine and selected "Obtain IP address automatically" If I am using a DCHP then I think it is probably on the XP machine.

  hillybilly 15:49 09 Jul 2003

Defineatly a switch, it might even be just a little old hub, but it's an 8 port and it runs at 100mbs

  keith-236785 15:54 09 Jul 2003

in zone alarm, click the firewall tab (on the left), click advanced (near the bottom)

select this computer is an ICS/NAT gateway, click ok and close

see if that makes any difference.

good luck

  hillybilly 16:00 09 Jul 2003

Do you mind me asking exactly what will that do

  hillybilly 16:06 09 Jul 2003

I'm not at work today, but I'm going try that in the morning, thanks for your time.

  hillybilly 16:10 09 Jul 2003

Thanks for your help, I think I am going try what paperman said in the morning and if that don't work then I'm going to chuck out the modem and the swicth and I'm going to buy a Netgear DG814 router/adsl modem. I've been told that will do what I want and it also has a built in firewall.

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