Zone Alarm misbehaving?

  Diemmess 10:06 09 Dec 2011

Have used ZA (free) for years, and found it so unobtrusive (once settled in) that I now more or less ignore it.

It used to offer updates, but hasn't offered to do so for a long time.

Recently I had a problem with a sluggish browser enter link description here

I notice that if I wave the mouse over the ZA icon on the task bar I see "Protection is up, UI is initialising." If I right or left click over the icon nothing happens at all.

Once upon a time I had the option of seeing the Zone Alarm face and controls.

If I use Start > All Programs, I see Zone Alarm which takes me to ZA Help, Uninstall ZA, ZA itself(presume .exe), ZA Diagnostics. If I click on ZA(exe?)..... absolutely nothing happens!

What now please? download the latest, uninstall the old and install the new?

  northumbria61 13:24 09 Dec 2011

Instructions here for Installing the latest version enter link description here

  Diemmess 13:12 10 Dec 2011

Everything back to normal (I think) I downloaded the latest ZA free to a distant partition.

Used the old ZA's own uninstaller.

Used regedit to comb Drive C: for every last reference to the old ZA finding 25 or 30 in the registry.

Used search and found references on distant partition which I couldn't delete since the folders were unreadable. These must have been references in a couple of Acronis backups on that drive.

Deep breath and installed the download.

One check only from ZA of a general nature and now can open the face of Zone Alarm from the taskbar as expected. The appearance has changed, but it is new! This post was intended to go here, but was typed into another earlier thread about the original trouble with a sluggish browser linked earlier. The collective problem seems to have been solved.

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