zone alarm and messinger

  gingepaul 23:06 25 Aug 2003

i have just installed zone alarm pro and can no longer use the voice funtionality in windows messinger, or send files.
i have given messinger full rights but nothing works.
all my other voice comms work fine, just messinger. driving me mad it is.:(

  Ironman556 23:10 25 Aug 2003

I had problems with Zone Alarm causing crashes, and know a few people who have too. Others run it fine and with no problems, it seems some PC's it will work with and other's it won't.

Try Sygate's personal firewall, it's free for home/personal use.

  hugh-265156 09:09 26 Aug 2003

i liked zonealarms ease of use but unfortunatly had some problems,truevector related crashes and problems with online Ironman556 says above,it works great with most but not all configs.

i now use click here which is also free.its very good but not as easy to set up as ZA.

  Gaz 25 09:27 26 Aug 2003

click here - Outpost with some blocks created for it aint half keep the hackers out for a few pennies on your internet bill (Dial-up only)

  dth 09:29 26 Aug 2003

another vote for Outpost here

  Falkyrn 09:39 26 Aug 2003

In ZA Pro try right clicking on the entry for messenger under programs then click on options on the menu presented.

On the tab select advanced and then security ticking the box for "uses other programs to access" box may assist. also make sure on the first screen that it has access to all ports.

It may also be worth checking what you have denied or prevented from accessing the net thru ZA Pro as one of these seemingly unconnceted programs may be the problem.

  steve0 09:59 26 Aug 2003

I've also had problems with messenger and voice. If you disable zone alarm voice works but still seems to break up. Using Yahoo messenger with Zone Alarm on and voice and video are fine. On line games - with Ubisoft - Forgotten Battles, work fine with Zone alarm

  gingepaul 16:05 26 Aug 2003

i'll give that a try falkyrn, got to be worth a go, cos i havent had any other problems at all yet.
cheers everyone, i'll get back if it works.

  mdshamilton 16:18 26 Aug 2003

I use ZoneAlarm with MS Messenger, AOL Messenger and Yahoo Messenger with no problems. I had to "teach" Zone Alarm to allow access though.

  gingepaul 17:59 26 Aug 2003

well i can share files now, but no voice.
i'll keep pluging at it for a bit then chane if needed.

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