Zone Alarm invisibly blocking programs

  [DELETED] 02:36 23 Mar 2006

My ZA has started to to block programs from running, but the normal pop-up window that shows the Allow/Deny access options doesn't appear. Ctrl/Alt/Delete will make produce the pop-up window, but withgout any writing, then a few more three-fingered salutes fills in the writing, but I'm still unable to to it to accept "Allow" and have to turn the PC off.
I lost all my start-up settings (AV, ZA, BB connection - everything) when uninstalling Nero this morning, so I'm guessing the ZA problem is somehow related to this. I've reinstalled ZA wiithout any change (except that it now tries to block every application) and I'm in the process of reinstalling my AV incase it's showhow related to this.
For the sake of my sanity (endless restarts are driving me mad) can anyone offer any advice on this? 1.6 Ghz AMD, 512MB RAM XP Pro SP2 + updates.

  [DELETED] 10:22 23 Mar 2006

What version of ZA are you running? If it is the latest one 6.1.744, there are some issues with it "Still". I am still running which is stable and running well. Yoy can get it at click here if you so wish. J.B.

  spuds 10:29 23 Mar 2006

There doe's seem to be various problems with ZoneAlarm recently. I keep having True Vector problems. Okay a simple click soon solves the problem, but it is a devil to try and find out, why it is doing it on a now regular basis.

  [DELETED] 14:07 23 Mar 2006

Thanks for the answer. I started to have major problem after major problem, so after about six hours of frustration I decided to start a re-install.

I was (and am again) using ZA 6.1.737 and it was fine until yesterday. I'm assuming a got a virus (or simlar) as I removed my AV and then couldn't re-install. Thanks again.

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