Zone alarm and ICS

  andyhuz 23:59 13 Jul 2003

Hello all,
I`ve networked my laptop and my desktop with a firewire connection and I can get everything to work as it should,i.e. file sharing, internet connection sharing. However, since installing Zone alarm, my laptop (the client pc) can`t access the internet. Z.A. is recognising my network (i.e. my laptop and desktop)and in theory allowing both pc`s access to the internet, but I can`t get on line with the laptop. If I switch off Z.A. then everything works fine. I have been thru every possible combination of settings in Z.A. but to no avail. Is there an expert on Z.A. in the house??
T.I.A. Andy

  davidg_richmond 00:08 14 Jul 2003

Been a while since I last had my PC networked, but if I remember right, have a look in the logs in ZA and you should see a denial of access from the other machine. If you right-click there should be a way of making the other PC a trusted zone.

  powerless 00:10 14 Jul 2003

IN ZA > Firewall > Zones > Add > IP Address > Stick in the Laptops IP and add a description.

  davidg_richmond 00:16 14 Jul 2003

Powerless, yours is a much more elegant way of doing what I think my method was doing...!

  andyhuz 00:30 14 Jul 2003

Thanks for your replies. I tried the log check method and I think you have to put in the ip address for each different time that my laptop tries to connect to the internet. As for the other method, how do I find out my laptops ip address?

  powerless 00:33 14 Jul 2003

Go to start > Run > Type: cmd

Now type: ipconfig

Click ok.

Can't remember for Windows 98 etc.

  the fool on the hill 06:24 14 Jul 2003

Go to zones - add IP Range - put range from 0-0-0-0 to 255-255-255-255 - name your laptop - press apply amd you should be fine. This way you're covered when the IP address changes.

  andyhuz 13:49 14 Jul 2003

If I was to do that wouldn`t I leave myself open to attack from any computer in that range?

  keith-236785 16:49 14 Jul 2003

Try this mate, im not saying it will work but it did for me....

open zone alarm

click Firewall

click advanced (bottom right)

in the Internet Connection Sharing section,

select This computer is an ICS/NAT gateway

close the zone alarm window, restart windows and try connecting via the client pc again, it should now work ok

good luck

  keith-236785 16:53 14 Jul 2003


should have said to do this on your server pc (the one with the internet connection), not the client.

  the fool on the hill 17:41 14 Jul 2003


Your firewall is between you and the rest of the world and protects you from external threats, your network is your side of the firewall and will be protected by it.

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