Zone Alarm (free version) update 5.0.590.043

  grumpz 16:35 24 Jun 2004

I recently updated Zone Alarm to the latest version 5.0.590.043 and immediately found problems logging onto web sites.I shutdown Zone Alarm and problem went away and confirmed that with Zone Alarm running the problem was present.I uninstalled Zone Alarm and reinstalled it off their web site but the problem was still present.At no time did I change the configuration of Zone Alarm.I tried Zone Alarm web site for help but it is one of those virtual things and just went round in circles.
Any ideas?

  grumpz 16:41 24 Jun 2004

Sorry I didn't notice Boopers similar post.To be more specific I found that nearly all web sites came up as not available but could connect to a few showing that Zone Alarm access configuration was OK.When I originally upgraded it I did just that not a clean install.

  shizzy 16:54 24 Jun 2004

We had the same problem on two different PCs and took the advice from members on this forum, that was to uninstall 5 completely and reinstall your old version. Needless to say download to desktop but before you do enable the XP firewal.
Prevous versions are available at Zonelabs.

  stylehurst 17:02 24 Jun 2004

Please note that it is very important to do a complete uninstall of Version 5 before installing the previous version.

Instruction as to how to do this are on the ZA site.

  ianeon 17:29 24 Jun 2004

I thought Zone Labs brought a fix out for this problem, on 22/06/04

  grumpz 19:33 24 Jun 2004

It appears Zone Labs are fully aware of this problem according to their FAQ's and are advising uninstalling version 5 and installing 4.5 as suggested.

  The Spires 22:49 24 Jun 2004

I have Zone Pro on my second PC which I updated yesterday to second version 5 in two weeks. For reasons unclear to me today the Pc could not access the net via my router, after fiddling with Zone for an hour I restored an image with version 4.xx on & all is well. Zone Labs would in my opinion be better creating a more robust firewall than anti-virus update detectors & other add ons (Junk). I did have Zone Plus which was killed off this month. Incidentally the AV detector neither recognises Eset NOD 32 nor F-Prot for Windows anti-virus programs. I have Outpost on this Pc & I regret paying my next years updates for Zone 5 on my other desktop Pc. I just wonder how those without image backups & one Pc have gone on who updated. Looking on the Zone FAQ's yesterday Zone labs were asking those who have had blue screens etc on XP to email them, ho hum. If you haven’t updated to version 5 I wouldn't bother until the ongoing problems are sorted.

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