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Zone Alarm free version update

  Trikie 12:47 16 Nov 2011

I use the free version of Zone Alarm and am getting a message from Zone Alarm Service Agent that I need to install an update. I'm wondering if this is genuine - is this the way that Zone Alarm provide updates?

  eedcam 18:33 16 Nov 2011

Yup you should have this now ZoneAlarm Free Firewall version: vsmon version: Driver version: ZoneAlarm Browser Security: 1.5.350.0

  Peter 07:55 17 Nov 2011


Be careful as ZoneAlarm wants to change your Home Page and Search Engine during installation of the new version of Zone Alarm.


  Trikie 09:27 17 Nov 2011

Thanks both. As you have not warned me off I take it that Zone Alarm Service Agent is the genuine update vehicle.

Will watch out to save my current home page and search.

  eedcam 09:42 17 Nov 2011

never tried or changed mine Peter?

  Peter 11:44 17 Nov 2011


I update my XP Pro desktop and noticed the screen during installation that had pre-ticked boxes for changing my homepage to the ZoneAlarm Search Engine and changing my default Search Engine to ZoneAlarm's. I un-ticked the boxes and all was left alone.

I updated my wife's Vista laptop and was distracted and the changes took place, but I restored things to normal by disabling the search toolbar and restoring the homepage.

The browser in both cases is Internet Explorer 8.


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