zone alarm conflict with latest ati catalyst drive

  Shorty123 23:07 05 Oct 2004

Hi, I downloaded latest zone alram update on Friday - no probs. Then on Sunday downloaded latest drivers for ati radeon 9600 graphics card (catalyst, latest one). This made a game work we'd had probs with (Warhammer 40k Dawn of War). From Monday zone alarm fails to load sometimes when I boot up. As the Catalyst Control Centre loads after zone alarm this wasn't loading either. Then getting loads of problems - system freezing when tried to do anything. So I uninstalled zone alarm and downloaded and installed the version previous to Fridays - still get the same prob intermittently, zone alarm and catalyst dont load and nothing will work. Is there a known conflict between the two?
Cheers, Shorty

  LastChip 23:41 05 Oct 2004

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  Shorty123 08:21 06 Oct 2004

Thanks for that lastchip but didn't really help re my specific problem. I can't get rid of the Catalyst drivers as my son will then commit hari kari, his game wont work. Wondered whether anyone knew of a firewall other than zonealarm that may cause no conflicts??

  dagwoood 13:17 06 Oct 2004

Shorty123, I downloaded the catalyst drivers with the catalyst control centre and found it was more trouble than it was worth :0( You can, however, download the catalyst drivers without the catalyst control centre component.

I know this doesn't answer your question with regards to another firewall that will run with no conflicts, but it may cure your problem.


  Shorty123 14:06 06 Oct 2004

Hi dagwood, so can I just uninstall the control centre component or do I have to uninstall the lot then start again?

  dagwoood 14:31 06 Oct 2004

Shorty123, it may be fine if you uninstall just the caltalyst control centre component, but when I decided I didn't want the c.c.c on my system, I downloaded the display drivers and control panel as seperate downloads, totally uninstalled all the catalyst components I had on my system(display driver, control panel, c.c.c), and then installed the display driver/control panel I'd downloaded as seperate items(hope you understand that :0) ).

Doing it this way I haven't had any problems.


  Shorty123 15:19 06 Oct 2004

ok, thanks for that if the problem recurs I'll give it a go....I've booted up about 9 times today without problems.
Thanks again

  LastChip 16:19 06 Oct 2004

You can use the drivers; you don't need the control centre.

  skeletal 11:31 07 Oct 2004

I was just going to start a new post on this topic!

It’s Zone Alarm, not the Cat drivers, although I do agree that the new Cat control panel causes problems (I don’t allow it to start at start-up any more).

I have just upgraded Zone Alarm to its latest version ( and have been having a load of problems at start-up. My computer just hangs and I have to hard reset 2 times out of three.

I then asked my son if he was having problems on his lap-top and he said no, he then showed me and his lap-top proceeded to hang!!!

What appears to be happening is that if ANY program tries to access the internet before Zone Alarm fully starts, the computer will hang. I am increasing moaning that every program under the sun seems to continually access the internet these days (e.g. the Cat control centre) and that includes all these stupid automatic update things; there are so many that one is bound to operate as the computer starts.

For now, I have disabled Zone Alarm at start-up and am also carefully going through the registry to remove other rubbish at start-up (so many programs won’t let you disable them easily...thankfully Zone Alarm does).

This must be a common problem so I’ll have to see what Zone Alarm has to say.

Meanwhile a question for anyone:

As I was desperately trying to make the computer run, I wanted to do a Safe Start; so I pressed F8 as XP loaded…but it would not go into Safe Start mode. Sorry for the silly question, but I’ve forgotten how you do a Safe Start in Windows XP (pro, service pack 2).


  Shorty123 15:09 07 Oct 2004

Thanks for that skeletal, hate to sound thick but how do I prevent the Cat thing starting at start-up, and will my son then have to start it up manually to play his game?

  Gongoozler 15:27 07 Oct 2004

Hi Shorty123. I don't know if it will help here, but one way I've found to prevent a program loading at start-up when all else fails is to use RegSeeker. Download RegSeeker from click here. Unzip it to a folder and double-click the file RegSeeker.exe to run it. In Regseeker click on "Startup Entries". Identify the unwanted entry, select it by left clicking it, then right click and select "Disable selected entries". This works even for those startup items that don't appear in the msconfig startup list.

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