Zone Alarm blocked intrusions

  YinHoNg 11:37 11 Jan 2006

Hi. I've noticed that i've had 232045 blocked intrusions with 21 of those being high rated since i've installed zone alarm. Is this normal to have this much hacking going on??

  Stuartli 11:51 11 Jan 2006

You'll drive yourself paranoid if you don't Disable Alerts from the Alerts and Log tab..:-)

99.9 per cent of these logs are merely assurances that ZA is doing its job and that normal traffic flow both ways is being correctly monitored.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:18 11 Jan 2006

The 'intrusions' are not hackers, they are computer handshakes. When you are online you do not go to a website, the site comes to you. Therefore your IP address needs to be known and there are all sorts of servers checking you t see if you are still online. These are what ZA thinks are intrusions. As you can go through 30+ servers when you are on the net you can appreciate that there will be an awful lot of IP address checking going on.

Paranoia is one of the many reasons that I would not touch ZA with a barge pole.


  sattman 12:39 11 Jan 2006

I get no intrusions at all with Zone alarm.

You do not get the intrusions at all if you take the time and trouble to set it up. and use Mozilla

  Stuartli 13:29 11 Jan 2006

As I stated earlier, Disable the Alerts and Log tab's Alerts i.e. set it to Off.

  Damn Machine 13:44 11 Jan 2006

Sorry to interrupt in someone else's post - but on a similar subject what are "Port Scans"?

I used have Panda and I would scare the cr*p out of me every so often with notifications and the offer to block them.

  PaulB2005 13:51 11 Jan 2006

Techincally a Port Scan is when spomeone scans your ports to see which are open.

In reality they are nothing of the sort - although it is possible you where scanned by some viruses on another PC (MSBLaster for example)

  Chegs ®™ 15:11 11 Jan 2006
  Damn Machine 15:42 11 Jan 2006

Thanks for that Chegs.

  YinHoNg 15:53 11 Jan 2006

i've turned the alerts off but its actually reassuring knowing that zone alarm checks it all.

Thanks guys.... always the best place to come for help.

  Stuartli 16:23 11 Jan 2006

It's merely doing the job that you installed it to do...:-)

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