Zone Alarm and AVG

  [DELETED] 15:30 29 Sep 2003

I have just loaded Zone alarm & AVG Anti virus to my PC operating on windows xp

Now that they are loaded niether will runI ger the messages "Memory acces violation in modul Kernal32 at 6958:25944727 and also same with number 8499:22693137

Any ideas.

Thanks in advance

  hugh-265156 15:46 29 Sep 2003

not sure about this but a google search turns up click here

  hugh-265156 16:14 29 Sep 2003

click here click save and save to a floppy it and then install the patch.

  Stuartli 16:26 29 Sep 2003

I use the latest version of ZoneAlarm (3.7.211) and also that of AVG's free anti-virus software and have experienced no conflicts.

In fact I've only just switched to AVG from Norton AV 2002 (because Pipex doesn't provide it free of charge any more and the updates subscription was due to run out!)

  [DELETED] 16:46 29 Sep 2003

See your other thread for the answer, Teala, it's best if you keep to the one thread, then things don't get confusing.

  [DELETED] 16:49 29 Sep 2003

I don't know what you're refering to re: Huggyg71, you must have another thread going somewhere. But it looks like you've got a virus (Swen??)if you're getting that error message. Download and run Stinger click here, to remove the virus. If you're using ME or XP then disable System Restore before running Stinger.

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