Zone Alarm + Antivirus

  nighthawk7 04:08 14 Aug 2004

Hi All

Yes its another question from nighthawk7 lol.

Right i am currently running AVG and zone alarm basic. i am looking to purchase click here

Has any one tried it and is it any good, i know everyone rates avg but i am tempted to make the move over to zone alarm for both my anti virus and my firewall.

Your comments would be greatfully appreciated

Thanks................. Mark

  Chegs ® 04:55 14 Aug 2004

click here

Why not try the "Trial" and see what you think.ZA has been causing some folk hassles recently,and they were advised to return to an older version(I dont use a software firewall,I'm on a router)

  rawprawn 08:52 14 Aug 2004

Why not go to ETrust where you can get both Firewall and AV free for 1 year. The firewall is Zone alarm to all intents and purposes and the AV is excellent. I have been running the both now for about 6 months and I think that I will probably subscribe when my 12 months free are done. They are also compatible with SP2 and are recomended by Microsoft. In fact I got mine on a disc together with all the old updates for SP1 click here

  Stuartli 09:10 14 Aug 2004

I have the free versions of both AVG and ZA on my XP Pro system - both have always worked in perfect harmony even when ZA is regularly updated as necessary.

Ignore any warnings from ZA that you have no AV installed.

  JayDay 09:41 14 Aug 2004

Don't do it!!! The Zonealarm with AV is so resource hungry my system took ages to bootup. If you are still unsure try the trial version to see how you get on. I went back to AVG and zonealarm.

  rawprawn 10:23 14 Aug 2004

Sorry Don't do what ? I'm not sure what you mean.

  JayDay 10:33 14 Aug 2004

Don't get ZoneAlarm with AntiVirus. It is a good program but I found it slowed my machine to a virtual standstill. Very resource hungry. However that's my opinion. If you do decide to use it get the free trial and see how it works on your machine.

  slim 65 10:52 14 Aug 2004

Same as rawprawn above."The eTrust EZ Armour LE" freebie suit runs very well and it seems fine with SP2.

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