zone alarm alert OE wants server permission?

  fireball XL5 15:20 02 May 2003

i have just added a hotmail account to OE and
downloaded folders as well. my pop3 messages
download in seconds but hotmail take ages,now
when i click to recieve mail a zonealarm alert
asks if i want OE to act as a server. is this
connected with the slow hotmail connection and
should i allow OE server permmision. any help.

  Cuddles 23:06 03 May 2003

Yes you do want Outlook Express to act as a server, go into the program window in Zone Alarm and make sure you have four ticks in OE line, have a look in Start Up (RUN>MSCONFIG>STARTUP) and see what you have running this could be causing slow download, but Hotmail is not the speediest.

  hugh-265156 23:34 03 May 2003

from zonealarm helpfiles.

server permission
Server permission allows a program on your computer to "listen" for connection requests from other computers, in effect giving those computers the power to initiate communications with yours. This is distinct from access permission, which allows a program to initiate a communications session with another computer.

Several common types of applications, such as chat programs, e-mail clients, and Internet Call Waiting programs, may need server permission to operate properly. Grant server permission only to programs you're sure you trust, and that require it in order to work.

If possible, avoid granting a program server permission for the Internet Zone. If you need to accept incoming connections from only a small number of machines, add those machines to the Trusted Zone, and then allow the program server permission for the Trusted Zone only.

find outlook express works find if not granted server permission.

  sattman 08:43 04 May 2003

I am confused now - is it yes or is it no - possibly because I need definition fromn huggy as to what he means by "the internet zone"?

  powerless 08:50 04 May 2003

The answer is NO in my case.

I have Zonelarm set to not allow OE to act as a server and OE still sends/recieves emails.

  MAJ 08:53 04 May 2003

NO, OE does not need to act as a server. Unless you're using your PC for some server application or other, NOTHING (that I can think of at the minute) needs to act as a server and I would get very suspicious if a program asks to act as a server.

  powerless 08:58 04 May 2003

Chat messenging programs will ask for server rights when you attempt to send or recieve a file.

  sattman 13:21 04 May 2003

Thanks for the expanded explanation.

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