Rabi 16:22 01 Dec 2003

I am using ZONE ALARM Basic on my Laptop,running WINDOWS XP Home, and have a DSL hook-up

I get this sort of message whenever I open Internet Explorer 6.x:

2 samples:

a) Do you want to allow Generic Host Process for WIN 32 Services to accept connections from the internet?

Source I.P.:
Application: sychost.exe
Version: 5.1.2600.0 )xpclient.010817-1148

I accepted ...

b) Do you want to allow Live Update Engine COM module to access the Internet?

Destination I.P.:
Application: LuComServer.Exe

I declined ...

Could someone tell me what is going on, and which option should I choose?

Sounds like the second request was from Norton Live Update (I run Norton Anti-Virus 2003 with the latest virus-definitions on the laptop),but I don't know ...:(

  Lasse 17:04 01 Dec 2003

Zone alarm is checking if you want to give permission to the programs you are using are using to access the internet. As an example If you had of said no to generic host you would not have been able to connect to the internet. Norton needs to connect to the internet to update. I have placed a tick in the the box if I say yes then zone alarm remembers and I am not asked next time. There is also a button more info where you can get a better explanation. But I should also say that it was correct to say no if you were not sure. I hope this has helped you

  Rabi 17:32 01 Dec 2003

It has thrown more light, yes. Thank you.
But,how do I know which requests to accede to, and which to deny?

  Jester2K II 17:50 01 Dec 2003

Generic Host Process for WIN 32 Services - i say Block and as you can see I surf the net uninterupted!

Live Update Engine COM - this is your Anti Virus checking for updates. You should allow this.

I'll admit it is diffult at first know what to allow and what not to but look at each item that requests access carefully. If unsure Block and then look on Google to try and determine what it is.

  rawprawn 17:53 01 Dec 2003

Open Zone Alarm control centre click on program control/click on programs, if you highlight each program it will tell you about it in the box at the bottom. If it's microsoft Windows you can bet it's safe to allow. All the rest are programs you have put on & it's up to you.

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