Zone alarm 4.5 question

  Eargasm 22:19 27 Jun 2004

Hi All

Xp home, running zone alarm 4.5 every few days a message appears on the screen saying "the true vector internet monitor has shut down" do you want to restart it?

Does anyone one know what it means,or how to correct it?

Thanks Phil

  Dan the Confused 22:40 27 Jun 2004

Could be a memory issue. How much memory do you have? What are you doing when you get the message?

  johnnyrocker 22:42 27 Jun 2004

i had a lot of trouble with that causing my pc to lock up, ditched it in favour of sygate eventually.


  Mikè 22:52 27 Jun 2004

I haven't had any True Vector errors since upgrading to ZA 5, however some people have had major problems with the upgrade.

  Eargasm 22:55 27 Jun 2004

Thanks guys

Dan,it usually happens just after starting the pc i have 256mb memory there is also errors in event viewer, ( true vector service) i have removed zone alarm and re-installed but still get the same error messages.

  dagwoood 22:56 27 Jun 2004

The true vector service is an integral part of zonealarm and monitors the data over your internet connection.

From what I can gather from other peoples postings is that it's a common problem when using zonealarm(suffered from this myself).

You could try and delete zonealarm and do a reinstall. If you choose to do this, you may be better staying with version 4.5, as the latest version of zonealarm is buggey and has caused problems on some members systems.

Sometimes even a reinstall wont cure this problem(how certain peoples systems are configured and what s/w they have running will cause the true vector service to spit the dummy)and so if this problem is that annoying, you'd be wise to take johnnyrocker's advice and install some different firewall s/w. There are a lot of good free ones available(try a search of this site).

Hpoe this helps, dagwoood.

  Eargasm 23:05 27 Jun 2004

OK thanks dagwood, i think it's time to get rid of za ,think i will try sygate as johnnyrocker sugests.

  Dan the Confused 23:06 27 Jun 2004

I'm no expert on XP (still use 98) but from what I've heard 256mb is too low for it to run efficiently (in general). I would upgrade to at least 512mb. Even if this doesn't solve the problem it should ensure your OS runs much smoother.

If you change your firewall, Sygate is an excellent alternative.

  dagwoood 23:25 27 Jun 2004

I don't think a memory upgrade would solve the problem. I went from 256MB to 512MB and still suffered from the problem you're experiencing.

(Dan the Confused is spot on with regards to increasing RAM to improve overall system performance. Windows xp LOVES RAM. There's a real improvement when increasing to 512MB. I increased mine further to 768MB and noticed another improvement).

You could try Kerio as well, this is regarded as another good firewall.


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