Zone Alarm 4 Set Up Please

  Viv-208691 20:08 28 Dec 2004

Has anyone got a set up for zone alarm 4 they could email me?


  Technotiger 20:14 28 Dec 2004

Hi, the latest version of ZA is 5.5

  Technotiger 20:17 28 Dec 2004

ps - if you have the Jan 05 issue of PCA it has ZoneAlarm on it.

  Viv-208691 20:17 28 Dec 2004

Hi Technotiger, thanks but im after version 4 because Ive had some compatibility issues with AOL and version 5.5. I cant find a download for version 4 on the net.


  Technotiger 20:25 28 Dec 2004

Hi again - understood, I will have a look through my many pc mag cd's - might be able to find an older version for you. I will get back to you.

  Technotiger 20:42 28 Dec 2004

Me again - I have found Version 3.7 and Version 4.5, which one would you like. I could send you a copy on cd. Cheers.

  kyprosman 20:43 28 Dec 2004

Also have it, I can email if you want.

  kyprosman 20:44 28 Dec 2004

v4.5 as above

  Technotiger 20:48 28 Dec 2004

Hi, pardon my ignorance - but, how can you email a Program? Cheers.

  kyprosman 20:49 28 Dec 2004

it's a setup file

  Technotiger 20:56 28 Dec 2004

I'm always willing to earn - surely to send a setup file the full program must first be on your pc, then you can just email one file, that I understand. But I have the latest version on my pc, not the one our friend wants. I could send him a complete cd with the program on. .......Cheers.

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