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  Splodge 09:36 30 Jun 2006

The message to Zone Alarm sent as below gives the full story! They are now not only not replying but are bouncing my e-mails! I asked for an extension not my money back! They replied that the date was correct, my response has not been answered.

It seems they are asking for new subscriptions before the due dates. Adds a good percentage to their earnings!

You might care to check if your Zone Alarm purchase dates are correct. I shall not be using them again!

Message reads:

"Well, well! Fortunately I have a backup which acts as my D Drive:

I reversed drives and had another look at Zone Alarm which was backed up last Friday and before the payment:

Licence Number: dme6a-t69w0-ts49j-uau206-wxigk0 as at 30th June now shows 52 days!

Going back to my credit card payments, on various cards, and, which Ifortunately store on Microsoft Money, what do I find!

YEARLY payment dates:
20th August 2004
25th July 2005
29th June 2006.

There is something wrong here don't you think!

I await your response before I go to various forums and ask others to check their payment dates.

Some Limeys are not as asleep as you might expect! lol"

  VoG II 09:40 30 Jun 2006

Why are you paying for this? click here

  Splodge 09:43 30 Jun 2006

Because I do ont think you get full functions without a licence key.

  Stuartli 10:00 30 Jun 2006

The basic free version of ZoneAlarm does all that the majority of users require.

  SANTOS7 10:04 30 Jun 2006

Tend to agree Zonealarm Pro alright for corporate users but for the home user the free version is adequate..

  Splodge 10:12 30 Jun 2006

Too late now though!

Still I have been given a lesson I suppose!

  romaneagle 10:37 30 Jun 2006

It's never too late. If I have understood your problem, Splodge, a possible solution is to wait until your subscription runs out and then change to the free version, or use Comodo (just enter "Comodo" in Google) which is free.

  Splodge 11:36 30 Jun 2006

Yes thanks I will... in a year's time!

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