zone alarm

  Trackrat 19:51 10 Dec 2003

I recently installed Zone Alarm (free version) and I keep getting boxes asking me if I want to allow access to different programmes, some I never realised would want access to the internet. What I would like to know is their a log of the programmes that try to access the internet in the free version of zone alarm, and if so how do you access it.
Regards Alan

  johnnyrocker 19:57 10 Dec 2003

when z a is new it will show all alerts all you need to do is put a tick in remeber my answer and it will not trouble you again for that program eventually you end up with a 'trained' zone alarm which knows what you want and will only trouble you by exception.


  Trackrat 20:39 10 Dec 2003

Thanks johnnyrocker & obbit that has answered my questions.
Regards Alan

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