Zipping photos

  graham√ 14:28 25 Jul 2003

The penny hasn't dropped concerning Zip files. If I create a zip folder on the desktop and drop a photo in it, it appears to be the same size. It takes the same time to email as the original photo. Am I missing something?

  Gongoozler 14:31 25 Jul 2003

graham√, if the photo is jpg format it is already compressed about as far as it will go, so any further attempt at compressing it, such as with Winzip may even make the file size bigger by adding compression data to it.

  graham√ 14:33 25 Jul 2003

Thanks, that explains it nicely!

  Pesala 17:33 25 Jul 2003

Photographs can often be compressed a good deal more than the standard settings used in Photo editing software. click here for comparison of file size versus quality for JPG images, and alternatives for uncompressed file formats that preserve all image data.

It is well worth getting to know the optimal compression ratio for your particular needs.

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