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Zip on Win 7 64 bit

  Simsy 11:29 22 Jan 2010


For ages I have used zipgenius, (click here), as my zip utility, and it's been great. (I tried 7zip, as often recommended here, but preferred the zipgenius interface).

I'm in the process of setting up a new laptop for a friend, which has Win 7 64 bit...

I installed zipgenius, and it appear to install ok, and works when you open the programm, but it doesn't have the operations in the explorer context menu, (Extract here, Extract to..., etc). I check that I had all the settings correct, rebooted etc, to no avail.

So wondering if it was just that zipgenius doesn't work in Win 7 64, (I have it working in Win 7 32, on my mum's new lappy), I thought I'd install 7zip...

But I'm having the same problem; no context menu operations. Again I've checked the 7zip setttings to no avail.

Is there something inherent about Win7 64 that might cause this, or a Win 7 setting that I need to change?

Thanks in anticipation,



  Simsy 11:53 22 Jan 2010

can't be sure of that! I think so, but I'll try again later.



  Simsy 18:44 22 Jan 2010

I think the same situation applies...

You don't get a context menu when right clicking on a zip file...

But now you've pointed it out I'll have to check!

I'll report back!



  Simsy 19:49 22 Jan 2010

but the 64 bit version of 7zip seems to be doing what I expect... so I'll leave it at that.




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