Zip Files - How do I compress a doc file & unzip?

  Rabi 09:28 14 Mar 2005

I want to send a rather large word document by email, and this is going to someone who has a slow dial-up that tends to drop the connection when downloading large files.
I was wondering if it would be better to do this by "zipping" the document. I run Windows XP Professional, but the recipient of the email runs Windows ME.
I know I have not installed any "Zip" programme, yet when I am installing a software programme that is a zip file, it unzips okay.
Does Windows XP come with an inbuilt zip programme?
BAck to my original question anyhow, how can I compress my Word Document, what Free programme can I use (nothing complicated, please!) and will my recipient be able to open the document without installing the same programmem I used to zip it in Windows 98ME?

Thanks, all

  bremner 09:35 14 Mar 2005

Yes XP does have a built in zip program.

However I do not know if this can be opened by a program such as Winzip.

For Winzip click here

Install Winzip and then if you right click on the word document in Explorer one of the options will be 'Add to zip' follow the prompts and you will zip the document.

  ventanas 09:47 14 Mar 2005

Right Click on the desktop and choose New\Compressed Folder. Copy the doc you want to compress into this folder to zip it.

ME has a similar built in program so the recipient will be able to access the file.

  jimv7 09:47 14 Mar 2005

Right click on the word doc file, or any file or combination of files, in the drop dowm menu you will see 'send to' compressed zip folder.

ME has the same but it is not installed by default, in ME Go to add remove programes/windows and in the list will be compressed file(can't remember the exact wording) and tick the box to install it.

  Rabi 09:54 14 Mar 2005

Thanks, Bremner, went to the site.However, at the site Winzip is listed as "Evaluation Version". Would this be a time-limited programme? Is there a similar full version that is free, and as simple to use as you describe?


  Belatucadrus 10:55 14 Mar 2005

Zipcentral, as many copies as you want free for home and commercial use click here a good program and dead easy to use.

  bremner 11:07 14 Mar 2005

Winzip to the best of my knowledge is not time limited.

  JayDay 11:11 14 Mar 2005

I use 7-Zip click here completely free and even deals with rar files.

  JayDay 11:53 14 Mar 2005

Winzip is now limited to 21 days click here

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