zip file too big to copy on floppy

  jstaunton 11:29 26 Nov 2003

i am about to re fromat so am in the process of copying everthing. i have photo albums i need to copy to floppy. (dont have rwcd) i have zipped but it is too large to copy on to one disk, how do i make it smaller or copy to several disks.

  Pesala 11:34 26 Nov 2003

Chainsaw (104 K) click here Splits large files for easier transfer and recombines them on any PC with a simple batch file.

  [email protected]@m 11:34 26 Nov 2003

If they are in jpeg format, they are already compressed. You may have to copy one picture at a time until the disc is full. You would then need to re-assemble the albums.

  Jester2K II 11:35 26 Nov 2003

What ZIP software are you using.

What is the total unzipped amount of data you are trying to compress?

What pictures types are they (jpg, gif etc)??

  scotty 11:35 26 Nov 2003

Winzip includes the facility to copy large file to span several discs. Look under floppy in the help index.

  Gongoozler 11:40 26 Nov 2003

Hi jstaunton. If you open Winzip and click on "Help", you will find a reference to zipping files across multiple disks. Hwever if your pictures are in jpg format, they won't get much smaller and could even get bigger when you zip them. Floppy disks are ok for storing Word and text files, but are really not suitable for storing large numbers of picture files. There is no real alternative to using a cd writer, and the prices now are quite reasonable if you don't want the highest speeds. This one from Ebuyer is less than £25 click here

  leo49 11:41 26 Nov 2003

Or get yourself one of any number of free online storage spaces - eg Yahoo Briefcase,free storage for up to 30mbs.

Better still CDRW prices are so low now [several brands of 52x writers can be had for less that £25 at E-buyer]that it makes no sense not to have one.

  Pesala 11:41 26 Nov 2003

Take a closer look at your ZIP program. Many of them have the ability to span disks. Having said this, the chainsaw approach is probably quicker as you do all the time-consuming work on the hard drive. I recommend a test to see that you can recombine your file successfully, but Chainsaw seems to work very well. There is an option to turn off the sound effects. Who want's to listen to a chainwsaw?

  Ex Cossack 13:59 26 Nov 2003

I use PowerDesk 5 (free from PCA download pages) It will zip files across multiple floppies.

  [email protected]@m 17:28 26 Nov 2003

Hope your fromat is OK/

  Pesala 17:36 03 Dec 2003

"I got chainsaw and split the file, but i cannot find any .bat file where will it be? I have xp PRO, thanks.

The batch file will be in the same folder as the original file and the segments. Perhaps *.bat files are hidden?

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