Zip file

  Molly_Don 15:54 21 May 2010

I've just downloaded a Zip file but no idea what I'm supposed to do next, the zip file has opened in a folder on my desktop, under folder taskes it has "extract all files"

would someone please give me instructions what I'm supposed to do?


  birdface 15:57 21 May 2010

If it has extracted all files you click on the main one and select run.
Or you can scan it first with your A/Virus if you want before running it.

  Woolwell 16:02 21 May 2010

A zip file is a compressed file (made smaller) which is a very useful way of sending a large file(s) by e-mail or for downloading. click here
To get at the files then you need to click on extract all. This will then put the files in a separate folder or individually where you want. be careful to look where they are being saved as I have "lost" them before now. If it is an exe file then do as buteman states.

  Molly_Don 16:06 21 May 2010

Hi buteman, thany you for helping

Inside the folder is the zip file, to the left is "folder tasks" under that it has "extract all files" further down under "details" it says: compressed (zipped) folder

DO I just click on extract all files under folder tasks?

When I right click on the file inside the folder, it says open / explore / cut / copy / delete / properties

Not sure how to run a virus check.

  Molly_Don 16:13 21 May 2010

Hi woolwell

Sorry, didn't see you post, I'll give it a go now


  Woolwell 16:14 21 May 2010

Right click on the file and you should see an option to run a virus check.

  Molly_Don 16:23 21 May 2010

When I right click on the file, this is what I get:

  Woolwell 16:25 21 May 2010

Which anti-virus program do you have?

  Molly_Don 16:42 21 May 2010


  Woolwell 16:48 21 May 2010

Hm that's odd. I have Kaspersky and it should have added an option "scan for viruses" to your right click.
Now I'm stuck!

  Woolwell 16:51 21 May 2010

Kaspersky should have scanned it as you downloaded.

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