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  R.C.M. 19:36 21 May 2006

Could someone please recommend an easy to use zip program. I would like to compress my photograph's so that I can share them with other members of my family via e-mail. I tried to send them uncompressed but I got a message telling me to make my attachment smaller?

Any advice would be apprieciated.

  remind 19:54 21 May 2006

ZIP compression won't reduce image file-sizes much, especially jpg images. You need to reduce the quality/dimensions (and consquently file-size) of the Jpeg itself. if you use XP you can right click pics, select Send To/Mail Recipient, and it will ask if you want the pics resized.
alternatively give picassa a try, it will automatically resize images for emailing (your originals will be untouched). any decent image management software will do the same.

picassa here click here

  R.C.M. 20:08 21 May 2006

Many thanks for your advice - I use XP and all my photos are jpg's therefore at the moment I'm trying out your right click pics advice.

Thanks again.

  ade.h 20:13 21 May 2006

For what it's worth, XP has its own compressed folder system that is in the Send To... command list. Acamdemic if you intend to compress the files manually.

  R.C.M. 20:35 21 May 2006

I have successfully sent my photographs via email to family members using the method provided by remind. I then followed your advice, now I'm up to speed - one last question when I compressed the folder I wanted to compressed I ended up with 2 folders, an icon [folder with a zip] and the original folder - should I deleat the original folder [is it safe to do so]and only have the compressed folder?

Many thanks

  ade.h 21:21 21 May 2006

Er, yes if you don't need to keep the uncompressed version. Make sure you have the original files elswhere first.

  R.C.M. 21:27 21 May 2006

Thanks for the advice, I have an external harddrive and I think I will keep the original photo's there and the compressed copies on my computer.

  Belatucadrus 10:54 23 May 2006

click here for shrink pic, it automatically compresses photos attached to e-mail. You can adjust the compression and attached image size and set it to change the format to JPG. All of this without affecting your original.

  remind 11:01 23 May 2006

That's a great find Belatucadrus, thanks.

  R.C.M. 11:21 23 May 2006

Many thanks for your link - I've read and downloaded the program. So far I've watched the video and am impressed by it.

I appreciate all the advice I have been given - once again thanks to you all for helping me.

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